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Dunedin Stirling History

Dunedin Stirling has been a youth soccer club since the 1970's providing a home to some of the best teams in the state over the years.  DSSC fields were donated to the city by a local resident who gave the land with terms that it would always remain a soccer complex.  Over the years, Dunedin has been one of the main few soccer clubs in the area and has produced dozens of state championships and tournament victories as well as developing many players to the collegiate level. 

DSSC has been a part of FYSA since its inception and has competed in several of the leagues throughout Florida.  Where many things have grown and changed and several clubs have merged or faded, DSSC has always remained their own and kept honest and true to it's core values of player development. 

In recent years, Dunedin Stirling has partnered with GPS Soccer to bring in the highest quality curriculum, training and stability.  With our partnership, we look to strengthen our long tenure in the community and provide a great haven for all players looking to grow and excel in the game.