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DSSC's Updated Logo

Many of you have noticed that we introduce a new and fresh take on the DSSC shield and logo this year.  Our logo was in need of a re-fresh and we really wanted to make it connect to our city and the ties to our heritage. Here's an explanation of what was done and a little about our home! 

The City of Dunedin has wonderful ties back to Scotland and also has a great local history that dates back to it’s inception.  

- To represent the Scottish Highlands region, a mountain range has been included to showcase both the Highlanders and the Scottish heritage of Dunedin. 

- Early in its history, thanks to a dock built to accommodate schooners and sloops and the ingenuity of pioneers from as near as Georgia and as far as Scotland, Dunedin became one of Florida's chief seaport and trading centers. At one time Dunedin had the largest fleet of sailing vessels in Florida.  Two large ships have been added to showcase Dunedin’s founding heritage. 

- In commemoration of its ancestral ties Dunedin has chosen Stirling, Scotland, and Summerside as its sister cities. 3 Stars have been added to represent this commemoration. 

- The Scottish Lion and Crown from the original design have remained to keep the design familiar and hold on to a piece of our own heritage. 

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