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FC Bayern Munich - North American Affiliate

DSSC Competitive Soccer

The Elite Training Program

Dunedin Stirling Soccer Club has offered an Elite level of training since the 1980's and continues to grow and provide the best level of training curriculum in the world.  The competitive program is designed to train players who intend on reaching the highest levels in their soccer career and provide them a platform to reach their goals. 

DSSC has recently affiliated itself with FC Bayern Munich as is now offering the same training curriculum, methodology and coaching that is being provided at the world renown German club.  DSSC is in direct contact with FC Bayern Munich staff on a monthly basis and receives information and materials back from them on a weekly basis. 

Our belief is to begin our players with quality training through our Academy System (8U - 10U) while focusing on specific techniques, individual skills and fundamentals.  Our Junior system (11U - 13U) brings in a strong focus of team play and heavy technical and tactical skills aligned with methodology generated and proven by FC Bayern Munich.  Our Senior program is intended to build on what has been taught through the Junior years while showcasing it in high level tournaments and Elite league competition.  Our focus for Senior teams is to provide them the ability to extend into College and Pro levels at the end of their youth career. 

To find out more information about Dunedin Stirling Soccer Club's extensive opportunities for competitive players, please e-mail our VP of Competitive Soccer Programs, at vpcomp@dunedinstirling.com.