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About Us

At Dunedin Stirling Soccer Club we focus on 4 important phases of Development.  The coaching staff  will encourage, guide and develop each player individually. Only the player can determine which phase of development they wish to enter and when.

Phase I:  Introduction to Soccer
• Usually Between the ages of 5 and 12
• First Exposure to soccer amongst other sports
• Learn the basic skills of the game
• An enjoyable experience will encourage the player to advance to the next phase

Phase II: Commitment to Soccer
• Based on a positive environment, players fall in love with soccer and make it the sport of choice
• Soccer becomes an integral part of the family life
• The player commits to playing soccer on a regular base

Phase III: Commitment to Excellence
• The Player begins to develop at this point a high level of technical skills and tactical understanding of the game
• Aspires to become a great player by training in addition to their regular training schedule
• The player becomes self-analytical with the ambition to constantly improve
• The player "Eats, drinks and sleeps Soccer"

Phase IV: Commitment to Winning
• The player reaches a high level of technical and tactical maturity
• The players set a high standard for him/herself and the team
• The player is seriously looking at a College or Professional Career

Whether your child wishes to be introduced to the game of soccer and achieve a level of excellence, or seriously seek a collegiate or professional career in the game, the coaching staff at Dunedin Stirling is dedicated to ensure they receive the tools needed to achieve their goals.